The Darvaza Gas Crater, popularly known as the ‘Door to Hell’ or ‘Gates to Hell’, is a burning crater in Derweze, Turkmenistan. It is named the ‘Door to Hell’ by the locals because it has been continuously burning for nearly 50 years! The sites of a soccer field, filled with fire, boiling mud, and orange flames.

The origins of the crater are highly controversial. Some experts say that the site was discovered by Soviet engineers in 1971, who thought it to be a substantial oil field site. Engineers began drilling the land, and found tons of natural gas, including methane, beneath the area.

Due to the escaping nature of methane, the ground became porous and couldn’t support the weight of large drilling equipment, which resulted in the collapse of the land and the formation of a giant crater. To prevent the spread of the toxic methane gas in the region, Soviet geologists set fire to the crater, hoping that the fire would extinguish as soon as gases run it. Little did they know that the fire would continue to burn for till today.


Drinking is a really very complicated process for insects. And just like humans, ants also need water. Many drink water from drops and small puddles.

Insects have a lot of different moving parts in their mouths. Ants in particular consume water either by licking or sucking.

An ant uses the labium for drinking, and it’s basically the ant equivalent of the human tongue. The labium subdivided into several other parts. The hypopharynx is used to hold the liquid, while the glossa transports the liquid. But despite all the struggle a single ant cannot even consume an entire droplet of water.


The squishy part of this beluga is not the brain. It is the melon. The melon contains oil and wax. This is why it looks so squishy. A beluga’s brain, however, is well protected and located inside its skull.

Beluga heads are super squishy precisely because of the structure they use for echolocation: the melon! All toothed whales have melons, but it is always very bulbous in belugas.

Although a beluga in the video did not suffer brain damage during the recording of the clip, we would like to state that we do not support captivity. All animals should live with their pods, free, in their natural habitat.


A new study has found an alarming amount of plastics in the poop of human babies – raising troubling questions about their impact on the infant’s health. Researchers collected soiled infant diapers, and samples from the first feces of different newborn babies, to arrive at their findings. To ensure the microplastics they measured came from the infants guts and not from their diapers, they didn’t factor in the presence of polypropylene, the plastic present in diapers, in their calculations.

Published yesterday in Environmental Science and Technology letters, the study found that the feces of infants contained ten times more polyester than an adult’s – yes, the human excreta of adults contains microplastics, too. But untill now, Scientists didn’t know it was present in the poop of babies as well, especially in the very first feces of newborns.

“Unfortunately, with the modern lifestyle, babies are exposed to so many different things for which we don’t know what kind of effect they can have later in their life,” according to Kurunthachalam Kannan, an environmental health scientist at New York University School of Medicine, who co-authored the study.


Facial developments occurs mainly between the fourth and eighth weeks of gestation.

In these first few weeks, a primitive face will take form with large dark circles for eyes followed by the mouth, lower jaw and throat.

This CGI animation reveals how an embryo’s facial features form inside a womb. This eerie animation created by the BBC was made by using scans of a developing embryo taken in the first trimester.


Unsurprisingly, the top global concern is COVID-19. 37% of people cute as a chief concern down from the peak of 50% in January 2021 but, an increase on 36% in July 2021.

Our next top worries are unemployment, poverty and social inequality. These preoccupy 31% of people. Political and financial corruption plays on the minds of 29% of us.

While crime and violence are a major worry for a quarter of people. Only 15% name climate change as a key concern. Germany is the most worried about the planet, with 36% citing it, followed by Canada and Australia with 31%.

Another global poll found that nearly 6 in 10 young people are very worried about the climate. 4 in 10 are even hesitant to have children because of the climate crisis. Most people are pessimistic about their country’s direction overall, 64% say their nation is on the wrong track.

This is higher than in January 2021 (62%) and August 2020 (57%). Since July 2021, optimism has fallen most sharply in Great Britain, Israel and Turkey, Poland, the US, Germany and Canada.

The what Worries the World?

Survey polled 19,000 adults in countries.


Punishing them for gaps in their work history or for not mentioning key buzzwords. The US has a record 10.1 million job vacancies. With 250 applicants per role, most companies use AI to help then window out unsuitable candidates. But 9 in 10 CEOs admit the bots dismisss people who could do the role. For instance, rejecting nurses who don’t mention ‘computer programming’ even though they only need to input patient data or demanding a college degree. When the real needs are life skills, self efficacy and a strong work ethic.



The Dulce underground base is a seven-story compound beneath Dulce, New Mexico that involves human-animal hybrids, human alien hybrids, and extremely advanced technologies.

The first claim of this experimental base is claimed by New Mexico state police named Gabe Valdez. He noticed strange sounds, underground vibration & strange objects flying in sky.

He also found out unexplained mutilations in the area. He was not only one who noticed this change, people living near that area too noticed strange sightings.

Gabe made more claims in other interviews, including sightings of the black, silent “sophisticated spacecraft” and the discovery of the fetus inside a dead cow but not a calf fetus. It looked like mutilation of human.

Also, many animals like, dogs, cattle, fishes were missing in that town and even some number of people. When people went into police headquarter to file missing complaint, eventually the case was handled to other higher authority.

Tim Anderson, a former police officer in Dulce, claimed to have seen a UFO in the town in the late 1990s. “It lit up the whole valley and just disappeard into the mountains”.

Schneider, who was in higher authority, claimed that he helped construct a “secret underground base” in Dulce in 1979. There, he says, he witnessed a battle with subterranean aliens that left 60 humans dead.

Paul Bennewitz, who had a Ph.D. in physics, studied the mutilations of cattle, cows and other animals. He said that this mutilation is the result of extraterrestrial life form.

As people living near that town were hearing lots of strange noises, they were told that its just a sound of construction mining and there’s nothing.

But the noise of mining was totally different from the noise in that town. Gabe, the police officer was suspended from his position after he claimed to see mysterious things. Shortly, all the information was classified.


There is no upper limit to hot something can be. If you keep adding more energy in a fixed volume it will keep getting hotter and hotter. Even the only universe was Trillions of degree hot.

However this can’t said about the cold. As we take heat away from something, it begins to get cold. But there is a limit to how much heat we can take and after certain point, there is no what left to take as there is no atomic motion left in the object and that is called Absolute zero temperature, -273?15°C. It’s almost impossible to reach the -273.15°C mark because we can’t take all the kinetic energy from atoms.

Scientists in Germany conducted an experiment. They took 100,000 rubidium atoms trapped in a vaccum and cooled them down to form Boss-Einstein Condensate (BEC) where all the atoms began acting like one big storm. Then scientists began complete standstill reaching the coldest temperature ever recorded. A chilly trillionths of a degree above absolute zero.


The Latin American nation is the first in the world to do this. It’s installing 200 bitcoin ATMs and giving away $30 in free bitocin to everyone. If you sign up for its national digital wallet, Chivo.


Legal tender is money that must be accepted in payment of a debt. This refers only creditors and doesn’t mean that shops or businesses have to accept it. Most countries use their own Currency as legal tender.

But EI Salvador uses the US dollar and how bitcoin will be accepted, too. The country hopes that becoming an early adopter of bitcoin will help boost its economy by attracting foreign crypto investors.

Every foreigners who invests 3 Bitcoin – around $150,000 – will be granted residency. The president also says it could save Salvadoreans millions of dollars a year.

Last year, Salvadoreans living abroad sent almost $6 million home. 23% of the country’s GDP and paid out $400 million in banking fees but the decision has its critics.

People are protesting over fears that bitcoin could become mandatory or be used to pay their pensions. 3 out of 4 Salvadoreans have doubts, according to opinion polls saying it will only benefit the rich, business people and banks.

Some worry that the technology will freeze out the poor, elderly and vulnerable and that bitcoin’s extreme volatility could lead to a crash.


1. The word Metaverse Meta(beyond) and verse (extracted from universe) is a virtual world with 3-D virtual spaces and almost everything you can imagine.

2. The idea of Metaverse was first coined by American novelist Neal Stephenson in 1992 in his science fiction novel Snow Crash.

3. Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fragged attention by telling Facebook I going to become a Metaverse Company.

4. Now when you enter in virtual world through internet you will feel you are in a city where you can go in shopping malls, seminars, libraries, do fun, watch movies.

5. By investing money in virtual world you can buy property and even start a business.

6. Metaverse is booming in gaming industry and trying to make space in office industry by making you feel that you are in office and in real you are in home.

7. You will be able to walk on virtual streets and talk to random people.


Afghanistan is under the control of Taliban, as the forces entered Kabul on 15th August after Prez Ashraf Ghani left the country, ending a 20-year effort by U.S. & other Western nations to remold Afghanistan as a modern democracy.


In 2001, AI-Qaeda & leader Osama Bin Ladan were held responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

He was in Afghanistan, under the protection of the Taliban & they refused to hand him over, the US intervened military, quickly removing the Taliban & Vowing to support democracy & eliminate the terrorist threat.


The US & Taliban signed an “Agreement for bringing peace” to Afghanistan. US & NATO allies agreed to withdraw uphold the deal.

A few months back President Joe Biden announced that the last troops would leave by the end of August.


Taliban is extremist Islamist militants who wants to restore Sharia to Afghanistan & said they want a “genuine Islamic system” for Afghanistan that would make provisions for women’s and minority rights.

But there are signs the group has already started to prohibit women from working in some areas which have fallen under its control.


Taliban now controls Afghanistan & its border crossings, which denies revenue for the govt & enables the Taliban to tax trade to fund their fighting. Taliban might also permit groups like AI Qaeda to train & operate from there.


Govt forces in Afghanistan collapsed without the support of the US military. The US ultimately failed to build a democratic govt capable of withstanding the Taliban, despite spending billions of dollars & providing two decades of military support.


Scientists say that almost all colonies will be quasi-extinct by 2100. If climate change continous unchecked, 70% will be in danger by 2050. Emperor penguins depend on something called ‘Sea ice’. Which is not attached to land, but moves with the wind and currents. If where they breed, feed, moult and hide from predators.

But sea ice is rapidly dwindling, making hunting harder and putting chicks at risk of drowing. We’ve had warnings before, in the 1970s, sea ice decline in Pointe Geologie caused a 50% population crash. It has never recovered.

At Halley Bay in 2016, 10,000 chicks died when sea ice broke up early. The US Fish and Wildlife Service wants to list emperor penguins as ‘threatened’ under the endangered Species Act. This would reduce disruption by US fishing fleets and pressure US actors to limit their emissions.

Emperor penguins are the world’s biggest penguins. They live exclusively in the Antarctic. Scientists are calling them the ‘canary in the coalmine’ of climate change. The world is not on track to rach its Paris Agreement goals. Current policies have a 97% chance of exceeding a 2degree celsius tempearture rise but, meeting the target pf a 1.5degree celsius rise limit. Is likely to the halt the emperor penguin’s decline.


While we have all heard of the famous phrase “Time is money”,IKEA just went a step further and took it literally.

That’s right, last year IKEA Dubai began accepting time as a form of money, which was dubbed as their compaign “Buy with your time”.

And buy this, they mean not just any time, but the time it takes you to drive to an IKEA store.


The thing is, due to their requirements of a spacious mega store, most IKEA outlets are located in the outskirts of a city.

Due to this, customers have to spend long hours commuting. so as an incentive for customers to visit the store. IKEA started accepting time as money.


Well, let’s say it took you an hour to get to an IKEA store. if you simply show the cashier your google map timeline, which was the record of your trip, they can calculate what your time is worth.

The trick here is that they take the average family income per month, and then find the average income per hour. so for instance, if the income a family makes an hourly basis is 105 Dirhams in Dubai, their 1hour will be worth 105 Dirhams.

And since they have labeled very item in the store with the price in money and time, you’ll know what you can buy with your time.

Needless to say, this compaign was an instant hit & got the company $14 million worth of the free marketing. And the fun part is that even if it takes you just 5 minutes to get to an IKEA store, you can still trade it in for a veggie hotdog!


Pepole who don’t know the difference or never watched any animes try to make fun by saying it cartoon. They have never watched any anime thinking its for kids. Let’s clear the difference between anime and cartoons.

Anime characters have more distinct facial expersssions and variations in physical characteristics and look more realistic than cartoons. Whereas in Cartoon characters usually have features that are not relative to the rest of the body.

Anime concentrates mostly on life issues or things tied closer to human emotions and has more violent and sexual themes. Whereas cartoons are generally made to make people laugh and so are comical.

Anime originated from Japan and cartoons originated from the US. Cartoon length from 5 minutes to an hour. Anime tends to be 22-25 minutes in length per episode. Though full action animes movies most likely go far beyond that time.


Spora Health takes into account a patient’s ethnic background. Any cultural norms, customs or values they might have as well as their diet. it considers how a patients lifestyle might limit excercise or their ability to take medication. Spora Health also launched a telehealth platform.

  • To make care more personal
  • Private
  • And accessible to patients of colour

Black Americans have lower life expectancy than white people in US. Along with higher rates of hypertension, diabetes and maternal mortality. A disproportionate number of Black Americans have died from COVID-19. Social inequality is partly to blame, but another key reason is differences in healthcare. Just 5% of US doctors are black, one study found half of white medical students believe that Black pepole feel less pain.

Another showed that Black Americans are 22% less likely to receive pain medication. As a consequence, Black Americans are more likely to delay seeking care. Because they may not trust the medical system. Spora aims to rebuild this trust. It cureently opearates in 4 states but the comapany wants to offer its cultural curriculum tp other healthcare providers.



Alcohol increases the risk of cancer because when it is metabolised, its breakdown into chemicals that can be bind to DNA, resulting in mutations that could become cancerous.

Drinking at least one cup of coffee daily is associated with a lower risk of developing liver cancer and basal cell carcinoma of the skin.

Coffee is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may protect against disease triggered by inflammation such as cancer.

Alcohol consumers may groan, but coffee addicts can rejoice!

A major study led by imperial College London has revealed more specificity about the cancer risks from alcohol consumption, as well as details about the benefits of coffee consumption.

Eating dairy products and whole grains also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, the researchers found.

Giota Mitrou, the director of research and innovation and World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), which funded the research, said: “This umbrella review confirms the evidence we have for alcohol and coffee in relation to cancer.

“Further research needs to better understand the mechanisms involved in the links between coffee and cancer as well as between alcohol and different cancer subtypes.”

she said people who where concerned about how their diet might affect their risk cancer could consult the WCRF’s cancer prevention recommendations, which advocate limiting alcohol consumption, being a healthy weight and physically active, and enjoying a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables,fruit and pulses.


Heaps of Plastic garbage are choking the planet. Every year 300+ millions tons of Plastic garbage is produced of which 10 million tons is dumped into ocean. Two Scientists seems to have found the solution, U.S. Scientists have create a food generator that turns Plastic garbage into protein.

This generator uses microbes that are gene-hacked. These microbes are designed to break down plastic molecules and essentially turn it into protein. The final produce might sound unhealthy or bad but it’s the same protein that you’re already eating.


It can double the life of all kinds of food…by forming a protective barrier that slows dehydration and oxidation. The coating, made by Mori, is formed from a natural protein derived from milk.

  • Its edible
  • Flavourless
  • And biodegradable

The protein can be added anytime the for is washed along the supply chain. One-third of the world’s food supply is lost or wasted every year.

This accounts for up to 10% of our total CO2 emissions. Meanwhile, 820 million people don’t have enough to eat. Keeping food fresher for longer could help tackle both issues.

Mori could also reduce Plastic pollution by reducing the need for plastic food packaging. Mori is a World Economic Forum 2021 Technology Pioneer.


The park’s hot thermal pools contain a special heat-resistant enzyme which can survive at almost boiling temperatures making it crucial to virus testing in a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, medics take a swab and multiply the DNA millions of times to create a sample large enough to test.

The DNA must be repeatedly heated and cooled. This was once time-consuming and difficult and damaged DNA’s fragile enzymes. But thanks to Thermus aquatics, it can now be done in hours.

A scientist and his student discovered the bacteria in the mid-1960s while investigating strange growths at Yellowstone’s Mushroom Spring. PCR tests are considered the ‘gold standard’ of testing. They’ve been key to test-and-trace, many countries now require them on entry.

PCR is also used in prenatal testing early disease diagnosis and DNA detection at crime scenes. All thanks to a tiny organism from Yellowstone Park. Nature potentially holds millions of undiscovered solutions to other health challenges.



Despite the morbid nicknames, this crimson phenomenon is a colorful sign of blossoming life, produced by tiny organisms that have colonized snowy mountain habitats.

The eerie biological dye goes by many names- watermelon snow or red snow, for instance – and it is common on mountain tops and glaciers around the world, from the Sierra Nevada, to the Himalayas to Greenland’s ice sheets.


The odd reddish hue is caused by green algae. Algae is one of the most diverse and ubiquitous forms of life on Earth, so it’s not particularly surprising that it has managed to find its way to some of the highest peaks in the world.

However, the climate crisis is accelerating snowmelt and glacial retreat in these habitats, a trend that may upend many algal colonies and the larger ecosystems that rely on them.

Green algae are green, as the name implies, but warmer triggers them to produce a red carotenoid pigment as a kind of sunscreen.


European scientists have banded together to form ALPALGA, a collaboration that aims to better understand these Alpine algae, which can act as primary producers, pioneer species, and “potential markers of climate change,” according to a study published Monday in Frontiers in Plant Science.

“I’ve seen, in my lifetime, the disappearnce of ecosystems on a scale not of 100 years, but decades,” said study author Eric Maréchal, director of the Cell and Plant Physiology Laboratory, a joint unit of CNRS, CEA, INRA and University Grenoble Alpes, in a call. “This ecosystem is super fragile.”


Do you ever wonder what is Elon Musk’s real vision of humanity?

Well, plan a of his vision is to make life of humans better on planet Earth by reducing pressure from nature.

Such as introducing Electric Vechiles to reduce carbon emissions and many more of such projects, as we all know.

But his far sighted vision is to preserve Human Consciousness before we all get extinct.

Imagine if in future, there is a global climate catastrophe or a third world war, Would humans be able to survive that?

If not, then the only way to preserve humanity is by going to space and making other planets our homes, before earth gets totally damaged due to human errors or if world war 3 occurs!

And Elon believes that is the best possible plan B to preserve Human Consciousness in case plan A doesn’t work.


In 2013, the world’s most traveled mouse sperm set out on a mission to the international Space Station (ISS). The freeze-dried sperm was transported back to Earth in a SpaceX cargo spacecraft in 2019 after nearly six years in the station and has been used to birth healthy “space pups.”

A team of Japanese researchers ran the space sperm tests, results of which have been published in the journal Science Advances. This was done to understand the long-term effects of space radiation on mammalian sperm. The freeze-dried sperm were transferred to the ISS, where they spent nearly six years.

Male mice sperm collected and deposited in ampules (small glass vials) before being freeze-dried to eliminate the water. The Scientists kept these sperms in the ISS and freezers on Earth at the same time.

The sperm were rehydrated once they were returned, and the space pups were compared to “ground control” pups after the females delivered their litters. The team in a statement wrote that the Space pups showed no changes compared to ground control pups.

The researchers also looked at DNA damage and gene expression in space sperm to see if they were different from sperm preserved on Earth. Under a microscope, space sperm appeared to be identical to those on Earth, and the researchers found no additional DNA damage in space sperm exposed to radiation.

“Space wants to kill you” is a catchphrase that is frequently used. Space radiation Pierces almost everything in the universe, and if it isn’t shielded, it can clash with DNA. The researchers found no evidence of DNA damage in the freeze-dried sperm, which is a significant accomplishments.

The freeze-drying technique, which eliminates water from sperm samples, might have had a protective impact against DNA damage. However, because the ISS is so close to the Earth, the Planet’s magnetic field protects it from particularly hazardous space radiation. It’s unclear whether deep space exploration will cause greater problems for freeze-dried sperm.

The “Gateway,” a space station that will orbit the moon and serve as on Outpost for human travel deeper into the solar system is being developed. The researchers suggest the freeze-dried sperm tests might be carried out on the gateway to investigate the effect of space radiation far from Earth in their concluding remarks.


Knowello Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the richest temple in the world.


Kerala’s Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple reportedly sits on ~1trn+(~€73 lakh Crore) of wealth, accumulated by the Travancore Kingdom.

In 2011, 5 of its 6 vaults were opened on the Supreme Court’s order.

Piles of jewels, bags of gold, some weighing over 800Kg and a diamond-laded throne etc, worth RS 1.6 lakh Cr+, were unearthed.


The temple is now detected by metal detectors, cameras & 200+ guards, some of whom carry guns.

Still, in 2017, gold worth RS 189Cr and eight antique diamonds were reported stolen, stirring controversy.

The Travancore royal family manages the temple and says the riches “belong to God.”


Questions have been raised over the management of the temple. In 2009, am ex-police officer field a case in the Kerala High Court, alleging mismanagement of assets by the erstwhile royal family.


Last year, the descendants of the Travancore royal family retained control of the temple after a Supreme control of the temple after a Supreme Court hearing. This overturned a Kerala High Curt’s 2011 order that gave the powers to Kerala govt.


Most of us find ourselves turning to Google to find out what our symptoms mean, even if it just a headache, only to be greeted with the list of worst possible diseases with the worst possible outcomes.

You aren’t the only one, each year Google sees almost 10 billion searches related to skin, nail and hair issues. About 2 Billion people worldwide suffer from dermatologic issues, but there’s a global shortage of specialists. Google isn’t a doctor but it is planning to use its AI to become better at helping us.

While many people’s first step involves going to a Google search bar, it can be difficult to describe that what you’re seeing on your skin through words alone. This is where AI would step in. Google unveiled a trial “dermatology assist tool”, at its annual developer conference, Google IO.

Users will be able to self-diagnose issues ranging from acne to melanoma by uploading images of their medical condition via the Derm Assist website and answer questions about their symptoms.

An AI model will analyse the information and give a list of possible conditions. The AI has been fed with millions of images of skin problems, thousands of images of healthy skin, and 65,000 images from clinical settings. It takes factors like age, skin type, sex, and race into account when suggesting possible conditions.

To determine the effectiveness, it was tested on around 1,000 images ok skin problems uploaded by patients and Google claims it identified the correct condition in the top three suggestions 84% of the time. It included the correct condition as one of the possible issues 97% of the time.

Google hopes this tool can help get people accurate information about potential conditions, quickly, without having to spend hours doing their own online research. The web tool is slated to launch later this year.



Berlin is one of the trendiest cities in Europe and has a huge scope in academic sector. It is also really cheap to live here. Tuition fees are free in Berlin and you can also get scholarship from its government, The average fees per semester is around Rs. 4000-9000/- per semester depending on the university.


Thanks to its standard living, low-crime rate and good academic sector, this city has one of the best Universities of Europe. Many University’s Tuition fees free or at cheap rate. Also, students can do part-time jobs to earn more income.


Stockholm is painfully stylist, effortlessly cool. English is the basic language spoken in Universities. It is also home to many large companies in whole Europe, means there’s huge opportunities for jobs. But it isn’t cheapest place to study, you need to manage your budget according to college.


Vienna is a city well known in increasing number of master’s courses being offered in English. This city is hub for international students. Thee average tution fees is 50k, but it is free for many developed country students. Students in this city get free pass for museums, huge offers on public transport and many more facilities.


Some universities here, don’t charge Tuition fees, but the top Universities of this city have Low-cost Tuition fees. Government of this city also provide financial support for international students.


If you live in US, Canada or Mexico you will find something strange about channel number 37 doesn’t exist but somehow connected to aliens!

You might have realised there is no signal or the channel number 37 is not found (for US citizens). There’s a gap between channel number 36 and 38! Isn’t it strange?

In 1952, the US opened up the television system that used a technology called UHF signals, causing the total number of TV channel to increase to 2000. But the channel number 37 was not on the list.


A engineer Karl Jansky discovered some strange signals in the channel 37. He found that the signal was coming not from Earth, but rather from the center of our galaxy! He had made the first detection of a signal of extraterrestrial origin.

It is said that the signal was intentionally send to earth for the aliens to communicate with us. The signal was different in nature and was creating problems with other devices that time.

Later the channel was kept under silence to understand the mystery behind the signal. For this a 400 feet radio telescope was built to communicate with the aliens.

In the 1950’s it was revealed that people experienced voices coming from the channel, during late night. Some even suffered mental issues and headache on channel 37. Many said that their channel was changed to number 37 without using the remote. Spooky!

Many theorists says that aliens or secret government organization uses this channel 37 to communicate with each other or even mess with audience’s minds!


From the 1918 influenza epidemic with 17-100 million deaths. To the ongoing COVID-19, which has killed 3.4 million so far viruses have often shaken the human civilization. If people were given a choice to magically kill all viruses most of them would say, yes! But that would be mistake deadlier than the virus because without viruses, we’ll all die in some time.

There are Millions of viruses out there on earth and not all viruses are pathogenic to humans many viruses play integral roles in building ecosystems. For example, Phages is a type of Virus kills that kills bacteria and controls the bacterial population on the ocean. Phages works by infecting bacteria with its genes which results in bacteria bursting and dying out. Without viruses, these bacteria would grow uncontrolled and endanger the oxygen producing plankton in the ocean which produces 50 to 80 percent of all Earth’s Oxygen.

These viruses kill about 20% of all oceanic microbes and about 50% of all oceanic bacteria, each day. By culling microbes, viruses provide enough nutrients to Plankton which then produces oxygen at high rates of photosynthesis and ultimately sustain most of life on the land Earth.


An adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds about 75% of which is made up of water. The brain uses 20% of the total oxygen in blood if it doesn’t get oxygen for 5-6 minutes, it won’t survive. There are 100 billion neurons present in the brain. Neurons works as the information carriers they move information from one part to another producing enough electrical signal to power a small light bulb.

Some people believe that we use only 10% of the brain and if we can use the remaining 90% brain we would be able to do superhuman activities. Well, it’s just a myth. Scientists who study brain activity have found the we use virtually every part of the brain and most of it is active almost all the time. Some parts of the brain might be working harder than others but we utilize almost all of the brain.


Leonard Vinci was a Mathematician, Painter, Architecture, Sculptor, Inventor, Writer, Harmonist, skilled Mechanist and Engineer (Engineers can do anything, hence proved)

He also had a good amount of knowledge of Anatomy, geology, Astronamy, Botany and History.

Leonard da Vinci could write using both hands, in fact, he could write with one hand and draw with the other.

To study human anatomy, it’s said that Leonardo da Vinci used to take out bodies from Cemetery (a place where dead bodies are buried) at night.

Along with “Monalisa”, his most famous painting is “The Last Supper” in which he drew Jesus Christ showing him having his last meal before the crucifixion.

Da Vinci never went to school, he only learned writing and reading. However, his father sent him to a painter ‘Andrea Del Verrocchio’ to learn painting.

Da Vinci used to buy caged birds so that he can make them free.

Leonard da Vinci could write using both hands, in fact, he could write with one hand and draw with the other.

Leonard Da Vinci doesn’t have any surname, Vinci is the name of the town he task birth. ‘Da Vinci’ means ‘Of Vinci’. (The one who belong to Vinci)


1. PLANET TrES-2b:

Pitch Black planet, Absorbs 99.3% of its sun’s light.


Continuously evaporating at super-high temperature and it also has a comet-like tail.


Surface covered with Lava Oceans.


Oldest known planet to humans. 13 billion years old. It can also have extraterrestrial life.

5. PLANET HD 106906:

It’s a mystery planet with 11 times bigger than our Jupiter. The distance between this planet and its star is 20 times distance between Neptune and Sun but still its temperature if around 1500 degrees and it glows mysteriously.


Currently, there is a tense situation between Israel and Hamas (a Palestine nationalist organisation). Hamas aim to get back Jerusalem (Capital of Israel) and this area is the root of all violence. This fight is not new, but this time it’s at the extreme. It’s believed that violence broke because Jews forced Palestine to leave Jerusalem.

Few days ago, Hamas attacked some parts of Israel with rockets but only few touched ground rest were destroyed in the air by Israel’s anti-missile system. Soon, Israel did airstrikes on Gaza Strip (the area where Palestine live).

In 1948, Israel was formed as a nation. But Middle Eastern Countries never accepted Israel. After a long dispute, it was decided that the Western part of Jerusalem will be occupied by Israel and the Eastern part of Jerusalem will be occupied by Jordan. In this way, Jerusalem was divided but this was a temporary division.

In 1967, Israel went into a war with Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Israel occupied the Eastern part of Jerusalem (which was previously occupied by Jordan). And since then Palestine and Israel are against each other for this land.

Israel says that whole is their capital whereas Palestine sees the Eastern part of the Jerusalem as their future capital. In short, this whole was is just for land of Jerusalem. It’s the same place where Al-Aqsa Mosque is located where recently violence took place. Now understand why Jerusalem is so important.

Jerusalem plays a very important role for three major religion: Christianity, Islam and Jews. For christians, this is the same place where Jesus Christ was Crucified, also it’s the same place where Jesus Resurrected.

For Islam, after Makkah and Madinah, Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third most important mosque which is located in Jerusalem. Also, Prophet Muhammad travelled from Makkah to Jerusalem and prayed with the soul of other prophets.

For Jews, this is the same place from where all creation began. It’s the same place where Abraham (a prophet who was the first person too teach the idea that there was only one God) sacrificed his son Issac. So Jerusalem plays a very important in all three religion And all the controversies began due to this.


Recently the US officials unearthed some documents written by Chinese military scientists in 2015. It’s titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species Man-Made Viruses as genetic Bioweapons.’ this document talks about weaponizing the Coronavirus and how World War 3 could be fought with biological weapons. Chinese Scientists called it ‘A New Era of Genetic Weapons.’

How SARS could be manipulated to be human disease virus causing a ‘Chilling’ Psychological terror. The document was given to cyber security specialist they said, ‘We reached high confidence that its genuine.’

But there are few things that we need to understand here this doesn’t mean China released the virus upon the world. This documents comes with another possibility which is that Chinese military was develop the virus and it could have accidentally leaked it from the Lab. Acc. to Biological Weapons convention, it’s illegal to create bioweapons. If guilty, China will never let world agencies do a proper investigation and that’s already happening.


Every time a woman has her periods, it’s because her body was preparing to get pregnant and have a child. It starts with ovaries, which contains over 1,00,000 eggs. Once a month, one egg will release which takes three days to reach the uterus.

Now while the egg travels to the Uterus, the Uterus begins to prepare itself with all the nutrients requires a start a new life. During this Ovaries also increases the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones. These hormones help in protecting those nutrients requires for life but

They also enter the bloodstream, travelling throughout the body including the brain, where they mess up with other chemicals and causes PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome, which causes mood swings. But mood swings can happen even when a woman is not on her periods.

That’s because PMS happens 7-14 days before bleeding when the level of estrogen and progesterone is at a peak. 50-80% woman have experienced physical or psychological PMS, but many aren’t aware that it can occur even before periods. Psychological symptoms such as mood changes (anger, crying, irritation, or wanting to kill someone)

Physical symptoms can include headache, difficulty sleeping, upset stomach or sickness. But when the period begins, these hormones level drop sharply. When the body realizes that there is no fertilisation, that nutrients and all made by the Uterus come out as bleeding, and this cycle on and on.


In September 2007, a spacecraft called “FOTON-M3” carried Tardigrades, Earth’s toughest creatures into low earth orbit. For 10 days, these creatures were exposed to the hard vaccum of outer space and solar UV radiation.

It was nothing short of a miracle when they were brought back on earth. Over 68% of the subjects had survived, becoming only animal to survive in outer space.

These unique creatures, also known as “water bears”, are water-dwelling eight-legged, segmented micro-animals that have been found everywhere on earth, from mountaintops to the deep sea and mud volcanoes, surviving under extreme conditions.

Known to be one of the most resilient animals on earth, Tardigrades can survive air deprivation, radiation, starvation, and even dehydration – all that would kill most other known forms of life in a fraction of seconds.

What makes them sturdy is their special state called Cryptobiosis where they shed almost all the water in their body and their metabolism slows down to 0.01% of the normal rate, making them nearly indestructible. They can be brought back to life even after decades of being hydrated.

Owning to these unique capabilities, they were selected for another space mission in 2019. But things took a wild turn in this time. Beresheet, the Israeli spacecraft on mission, crashed on the moon, spilling thousands of dehydrated Tardigrades that Scientists had loaded onto the lander.

It remains uncertain whether the Earth’s toughest animal survived the crash or not but the co-founder of the organisation that put them on the lander believes the water-bears would have survived the crash, and in future, if humans ever find them, they would possibly still be alive.

The creature is being studied across the globe. Researchers believe the secret to its resilience may help in cancer treatment, as well as in futuristic research such as human hibernation and space travel. It might help in making people going to mars more resistant to radiation.

While humans are still trying to figure out ways to survive in hostile conditions, for all we know Tardigrades might already be taking over the moon.


How many time you wake up and forgets your dream?

Don’t worry, Soon you would be able to record your dreams and watching them in the morning.

A neuroscientist at Northwestern University created a device that would be implaneted in your brain to measure your brain activity while you dream.

When you dream, your body paralyzes completely. Let’s say, in your dream, you are running away from a dinosaur. Your brain sends a signal to your legs to run, but you can’t do it as you are completely paralyzed!

The device collects your brain activity and sends it to an AI. Then that AI pictures what you are dreaming and creates a final scenario of your dream.

Scientists have successfully Experimented with this, but the recorded dream was not so clear. But, soon with advanced technology within 10 years, you will have your own dream cinema!


The universe seems to to have achieved something the anti-aging creams have been trying to achieve for a long time: getting hotter with each passing day. Jokes apart – the universe is actually getting hotter as it gets older.

The Ribbons of gas and dust trying all the galaxies are growing hotter over time. Astronomers assess these ribbons using a phenomenon known as the Sunyaev – Zeldovich effect, which is a powerful way of indirectly measuring a cluster’s density connected by the cosmic ribbons of gas.

Measuring the temperature of these ribbons makes it possible for us to determine the temperature of the universe in different eras. The astronomers have observed that these cosmic ribbons are three times hotter than they were 8 billion years ago.

When clusters of galaxies are observed with microwaves, they show a hole where the cluster is. This is the result of hot, dense material at the center of clusters scattering the microwave photons of the background radiation from the big bang up to higher frequencies.

The materials that connects the galaxies is known as the cosmic net. As everything clumped together, the gravitational influence became stronger which further generated more gas.

As the Universe evolves, gravity will pull more dark matter and gas together into galaxies and their clusters. This pull is so violent that the gas is shocked and heated up. Therefore, there is a rise in heat as the universe gets older.


From large scale manufacturing of goods to exploring other planets, robots have helped make our lives much easier. Another area where there is a vast emerging market for robots in the delivery of goods.

From sanitized storage to heated compartments for food, a robot delivery van has some obvious benefits. One of the most famous pizza chains in the world, Domino’s, is trying to cash on these benefits.

According to reports, Domino’s Pizza and Nuro, a silicon Valley startup, have announced that they will soon launch a robotic pizza delivery service in Houston. Texas, to increase online orders.

With small, low-speed vehicles to carry packages instead of people, Nuro has been pulling ahead of other autonomous vehicle startup in gaining regulatory approvals. It won US clearance last year to start unmanned delivery services.

The delivery service will begin at a Domino’s Houston outlet before expanding to serve customers in many other locations. Customers will get texts with information about the vehicle’s location and a pin to enter.

Delivery robots have been making quite a buzz over the world. Countries such as the United States, Japan, China and several other European countries already that have significant number of services that use autonomous delivery robots for last mile deliveries.

In India, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) gave the official nod to delivery companies like Zomato, Swiggy and Dunzo to begin testing beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drones for deliveries.

One of the country’s largest e-commerce players, Snapdeal, announced in 2020 that it has successfully tested robots for e-commerce deliveries. Snapdeal has partnered with autonomous mobility startup Ottonomy IO to deliver ‘sanitized’ packages, according to reports.

During the test run in Delhi NCR, the robots were placed at the gates of residential societies, where a delivery exceutive placed parcels in a compartment inside the robot. The robot then used maps to deliver the goods at the customer’s doorstep.


In some parts of the world – especially in Latin America, Africa, Asia – washing clothes at the riverbanks is still a widespread practice because of tradition and lack of running water at the homes or millions of people.

However, using laundry soap can pollute the same water that people are rely on for drinking, cooking or bathing. The soaps and detergents used in laundry also affect marine life as they contain phosphates, enhancing the growth of algae in the water bodies.

The algae then compete for oxygen with other aquatic animals and ultimately lead to a challenging living environment for marine animals. Hence pouring laundry waste into water bodies leads to eutrophication.

To tackle such challenges, Peruvian company Fahrenheit DDB and a startup called Cirsys have come up with a probiotic soap designed to help clean the rivers instead of polluting them.

“The idea is very simple: take advantage of the Andean cultural heritage of washing their clothes in the rivers, so the rivers can be cleaned,” Ricardo Chadwick, partner and creative director at the creative agency Fahrenheit DDB, mentioned in a statement.

The partners spent two years developing a solution – a bar soap that contains microorganisms that can remove pollution. According to them, the microorganisms feeds itself from the river’s pollution, reducing the levels of nitrates and ammoniac, the type responsible for spreading bacteria that affect humans.

The makers mentioned that in before and after samples taken of river water, the soap helped remove pollutants like nitrates with 75-85% efficiency, making it a compatible solution to clean both pollution from other laundry soap and sewage that also ends up in rivers.


Welcome to the “Eco-Floating Hotel”. This hotel generates its own electricity using water waves! It also create huge water waves by spinning around!

Don’t worry, you’ll not get thrown away when it spins! This hotel is designed in such a way that when it spins, not even a single coffee cup will not move!


The hotel has a technology that will turn salty ocean water into fresh drinking water.

The food taste will be turned into organic fertilizers and be given to trees that are planted in 8.3 acres! This is not just a hotel, it’s different world!

It has infinity swimming pools, a golf course, parks, movie theatres, private gardens, hospitals, schools, and a lot more.


The air we breathe contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. Most commerical oxygen is producing using the cryogenic distillation process. This process produces oxygen that is 99+ pure.

In this, the gas plant takes in air from the atmosphere into a compresser and pass it through a chamber which decreases its temperature up to -200°C. New from is cold compressed gas, first of all, carbon dioxide is separated out as Dry ice.

Now, this cold air is changed from gas to liquid form. The further this liquid form is sent to the Air Distillation column, where nitrogen argon and other gases are separated.

Only oxygen in liquid from is left behind. This liquid Oxygen is collected in a cryogenic vessel or tank. Which is transferred to hospitals. Before the Pandemic oxygen production was 7000 metric tonnes per day and demand was 900 metric tonnes per day. But now

Production is 7800 metric tonnes per day whereas demand is 5500-5800 metric tonnes per day that’s 544% more. However, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) said it would be setting up 500 medical oxygen plants in the country under the PM cares fund.


We’re here for that and today we meet Lina Medina who became a mother at an unbelievable age!

All the doctors and Nurses at Pisco’s Hospital in Peru were still not believing the news of this little girl aged five years, seven months and 21 days who gave birth through C-section in 1938 to a healthy baby boy.

Lina Medina’s parents brought her to the hospital when she was almost 5 due to increasing abdominal size which was initially thought to be a tumor. Doctors were shocked to discover that she was actually 7 months pregnant.

Born in 1933 in Peru in a family of 9 children, Medina is reported to have had her first period when she was only 8 months old! Which is, to this day, the youngest documented case of precocious puberty. Also, she holds the title for the youngest confirmed mother in history.

Lina Medina’s baby, Gerardo was a wealthy newborn and weighed 6.0 lb when she, herself weighed only 40 lbs. Untill the age of 10, he was made to believe that she was his sister. This is the only picture we have of them together in their youth where Lina is 23 and Gerardo is 18. Gerardo lived untill his 40’s and died of a bone disease.


No matter how interesting Lina Medina’s Story is, it remains a sad and traumatic case of child sexual abuse. In the begining of the case, Lina’s father was arrested but he was released due to lack of evidence. Those who worked with Lina suggest that she might not know herself as the couldn’t give precise responses.

This this day, Lina who is aged 86, refuses to reveal the identity if the father. DNA techniques were unfortunately not available neither when her son was still alive. So, we might never know.

Up the present time, no other case of such extreme precious child pregnancy has been documented.


As the nation grapples with the second wave of Covid-19, we are headed into phase three strategy of vaccination, under which all the people above 18 years of age will be eligible to get Covid-19 vaccine does from May 1.

When the registrations opened on April 28, the CoWin portal received traffic of about 27 lakh hits per minute and the servers crashed temporarily. As many as one crore indians registered on the portal in just four hours, said Abhishek Singh, CEO, MyGov.

But the enthusiasm has been met with a shortage of vaccine supply. Mumbai has shut its vaccination drive for 3 days from today, citing lack of adequate doses. Several states, including Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, have also said that they do not have sufficient doses of vaccine for the 18-44 age group.


The government of India (Gol) had earmarked Rs 35,000 crores for the vaccination program in the FY21-22 Budget. But the actual cost is way more than this amount.

A study India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) has pegged the overall cost of vaccinating all Indians above 18 years of age against COVID-19 at Rs 67,193 crores (which works out to be just 0.365 of the GDP), of which states together will incur Rs 46,323 crore.

To break it down, India had 88 crore voters in the 2019 general elections, which can be used as a proxy for the population above the age of 18. While the centre will foot the bill for 45-plus age groups and health care/Frontline workers, the states and private sector will have to foot the bill for 18-44 age groups.

Serum Institute of India has priced the vaccination at Rs 300 per dose for states, bringing it down from Rs 400 per dose, and Bharat Biotech too, has slashed the price of its Covaxin from Rs 600 to Rs 400 per dose.

However, for the private sector, Serum has priced the vaccine at Rs 600 per dose, while Bharat has priced it at Rs 1,200 per dose. Several states, including Delhi, Orissa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, West Bengal, have offered free vaccination for the 18-44 age group.


Scientists are still trying to understand COVID damages not only to the body, but also the brain in long term. Several COVID survivors have reported brain-related symptoms such as headaches, confusion, hallucinations and delirium. Some even reported depression, anxiety and sleep problems mostly within 6 months of being infected with the virus.

In a recent study, Scientists took 236,000 COVID-19 survivors and studied their health records in last 6 months 1 in 3 survivor reported the brain related problems. Scientists further figured out that these symptoms are due to leaky blood vessels and inflammation in some parts of the brain. So if you’re having brain related issues, Anxiety or hallucinations please see a doctor as soon as possible.


Researchers from the UK and Germany were able to implant a false memory in people’s minds and reversed them easily.

The researchers took 52 participants for the experiment. With the help of parents, they implanted two false – negative memories that definitely didn’t happen in reality. For example getting lost, running away, or being involved in a car accident.

With 2 false memory, researchers implanted two true memory that actually happened in their life. After some time, researchers called participants one-by-one and asked them to recall all the memories and they talked to participants in a very aggressive way.

At first, participants recalled and described two true memories perfectly. And they also recalled and described those 2 false memories too that never happened in their life.

Participants felt that those false memories really happened in their life! They were able to describe it completely. Researchers then confirmed that they’d successfully developed false memory into 52 people’s minds.

Later, Researchers undo those false memories. but, this technique can used for false confession of crimes!


Sometimes we go through a combination of Hungry and Angry called “hangry”. It’s the sensation of hunger combined with negative emotions, usually anger or frustration. When you haven’t eaten for a while, the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood decreases. When your blood sugar levels gets too low.

It triggers several hormones, including stresshormone and fight or flight hormone. These hormones are released into your bloodstream to rebalance your blood sugar. This can cause aggression in some people.


Asia is the largest Rice producing continent in the world. out of the top 10-rice producing countries around the world, 9 countries are from Asia. First is china and the second is India but still, 1/8 Asia don’t have enough food to feed they are still hungry.

Over one-third of our hungry people are innocent children who are members of households that simply can’t provide enough food to them. They are around us. They ask for money, it’s you choice whether you want to give money or not, but please make sure they don’t sleep hungry that night.


Tears are omnipresent in our eyes. Al last 7 microliters (1/10 of a water droplet) of tears keep our eyes fresh and hydrated. However, tears aren’t just salty water but have nutrients which nourish and clean our delicate eyes; similar to filtered blood without haemoglobin.

But Scientists have observed but apart from several proteins, tears also contain remnants of biochemicals originally in blood, which can indicate illnesses like glucose to diabetes. Studies also show that markers of diseases like Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc. Are present in tears.

In March 2020, TearExo a new technology was developed by Kobe University, Japan to detect breast cancer from Exosomes (extracellular vesicles) as biomarkers, which are present in tears. If this technology develops further, the potential benefits outweigh the detriments.

Till date, physicians rely on blood tests and various other examinations to analyse a patient’s health. However, testing tears will be cheaper, more efficient and what not! Researchers are developing a type of antibody test for COVID-19 since the virus RNA was found in tears as well.